When it comes to business communication we’re often stuck in the same old routine. But why not try something new and challenge the status quo? Wearing a suit and tie may be the norm, but the real power lies in your words and ability to persuade. It’s time to break out of the ordinary and discover surprising venues that can add a touch of excitement and creativity to your business events or negotiations. Let’s explore five unexpected venues that seamlessly blend formality and informality.

1. Meeting in the park: Swap the sterile boardroom for the great outdoors. Imagine holding your business meetings amid the tranquility of an actual garden. Soak up the sun, enjoy a working lunch, and let nature inspire you. Stepping out of the typical business environment allows you generate new ideas and nourish more productive conversations.

2. Shared office space: break out of the confines of your own office and venture into shared workspaces. These modern and vibrant spaces offer a wealth of amenities and opportunities to connect with like-minded – or surprisingly new – professionals. Enjoy the collaborative atmosphere and expand your network while engaging in meaningful business conversations.

3. Rooftop restaurant or a bar with a view: who says business meetings can’t happen during happy hour? Invite your colleague or client to meet you at that trendy bar you happened to discover, or enjoy a working lunch with a breathtaking view. By combining delicious food, refreshing drinks and a glamorous ambiance, you can create a memorable and productive atmosphere where new partnerships are forged.

4. Horseback riding: Dive into the realm of adventure by hosting a meeting on the back of a horse. Riding requires balance, synchronization and a deep understanding of communication signs. Observe how your counterpart responds to challenges and if you can establish a professional consensus.This experience will reveal character traits that may be critical to the future of your collaboration.

5. Sports game: Want to leave a lasting impression on a potential employee? Surprise them with tickets to a sports game of their favorite team. Use the excitement of the game to pique their interest and make your company presentation memorable. Just remember to plan your conversations wisely and avoid critical questions during the game.

By venturing out of conventional meeting spaces, you’ll give your brain a breath of fresh air and unleash unparalleled creativity. Whether at the park, in a shared office, on a rooftop terrace, horseback riding or enjoying a sports game, breaking out of the traditional can foster a sense of freedom and inspire innovative thinking. So don’t be afraid to challenge the norm and create memorable business experiences that produce remarkable results.