In 2020 the home office intruded our everyday life, obviously our home as well. In 2021 there was a progressive return to corporate space. However, not in the way, we were used to experiencing it before the pandemic. Companies introduce a hybrid model of working wherever that is possible and begin rotating remote work with the physical presence.  

More than two-thirds of CMOs are concerned that less time in the office with colleagues negatively affects creativity, according to a LinkedIn study mentioned in 58% of marketers believe that the pandemic has weakened social relations between people. There are examples of team members that have never met in person. According to experts, the opportunity of more flexible working conditions can lead to employees feeling less comfortable with each other. And that, in turn, will affect the ideas generation process. Indeed, one-third of marketers claim that hybrid work models and remote working make it difficult for people to build meaningful relationships.

88% of marketing managers say they learn more about new trends in the industry by talking to younger team members, especially in an office environment.

Even it may sound paradoxical working flexibility can increase the number of ideas or lead to looping professional imagination at the same time – depending on the individuality of each person. Therefore, the concerns of experts are more or less acknowledgeable. For certain employees, it is more fruitful to stay at home. That concentrates their thoughts, expands their ideas. For another type, creativity arises in live gatherings, especially when meeting different cultures and views.

We have already elaborated on turning part of your home into a professional space. Here are some tips on how to help colleagues scramble ideas and deliver the most meaningful solutions while still working from home.

Comprehend and appreciate people’s differences. And there are plenty of them. The introvert may be the most creative person, but they will never shine in the meeting room. Understand the advantages of each one on the team and utilise them skillfully.