Good Key Performance Indicator (KPI) software can help organizations visualize diverse data through interactive graphs and charts. Industries manage their business through data-driven strategic methods. That helps to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency.  

The KPI dashboard is an indispensable tool for every business manager. By collecting, grouping, organizing and visualizing important company indicators, the tool provides a quick overview of the company’s performance, well-being and expected development. With KPI dashboards, organizations can access their success metrics in real time and make informed decisions that help them achieve long-term goals. We bring you a few of the most popular solutions on the market. 

  1. Scoro – This software allows you to monitor every aspect of your business on one (or multiple) dashboards – and track your project, performance and financial KPIs in real-time. Integrate Scoro with the software your company currently uses to track and monitor all your data in one system. Projects, budgets, sales, forecasts, team performance, and others are all easily visible to you. You can customize your dashboard with unlimited widgets and metrics to track every important KPI. Set permissions for each user to restrict information access. The software is also handy for comparing two periods to see trends over time. Instead of using several different tools to manage performance, track finances, plan projects or compile reports, you can use a single solution – Scoro.
  2. Datapine – This is one of the best KPI software dashboards used by reputed organizations that allows you to connect to various data sources and visualize reports in a flexible interface. It is a particularly suitable choice for small businesses. Datapine provides tools for human resource management, marketing, sales, finance, service and support, procurement, information technology and more. It has modern reporting software where data visualization is convenient and easy to understand. It discovers new correlations and trends to eliminate the guesswork about the implications of selected business decisions.
  3. Tableau – The software is an integrated solution for business analysis of crucial data and meaningful insights. This tool helps businesses collect data from multiple starting points such as SQL databases, spreadsheets, cloud applications like Google Analytics and Salesforce to create a collective data set. Tableau’s live visual analytics and interactive dashboard display data enabling the generation of actionable insights. Users can create interactive maps or analyze results by region, territory, and other demographic criteria. The software is customisable to serve different requirements in sectors like banking, communication, education, healthcare, real estate, manufacturing and technology. 
  4. SimpleKPI – Developed by Iceberg Software – a company that focuses on business performance management by emphasizing KPI tools such as KPI reports, analytics and overall performance tracking. The software allows sharing options via PDF and Excel files. There are built-in reporting templates to speed up the process. SimpleKPI provides real-time monitoring, which is ideal for precise management of daily activities and has more than 40 chart types. It allows the conversion of Excel spreadsheets into dashboards. However, that tool is not compatible with Macintosh and iOS systems. 
  5. InetSoft – This is an analytics dashboard and reporting software amplified by the capacity to blend data. Its top features are: professional data block modeling, data combining for end users on the network, built-in dashboard, dashboard and visualization annotations, high performance and secure infrastructure. InetSoft is a powerful data merging software that allows fast and flexible conversion of information coming from diverse sources. It can either complement or eliminate the data storage solution. 

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