The creative space in an office reflects how far the ideas of the people who work there extend. There are plenty of examples of what a workspace shouldn’t look like, and everyone has encountered them. But it is clear that you can always favor the environment with a beautiful flower, a family photo, a board for “to-do “lists. And if the company has a budget planned for it, it would be stimulating for the development of the team to enhance the energy charge of the office.

Here are a few examples of companies that have spared no expense in this regard and who know how to invest in their employees’ activities conceptually!

The #Google is undoubtedly one of the coolest offices to work in because of the exclusive high-end opportunities provided to people. Some of the great perks offered include: free haircuts on-site, world-class gym, swimming pools, video games and other recreational activities, free laundry and dry cleaning, on-site medical staff, massage therapy, and much more.


#Facebook focuses on building a collaborative workplace environment, providing a number of services to its employees, including free food and dry cleaning, four months of paid leave for new parents, and unlimited sick days. Along with these impressive benefits, the company also offers stock options, open office spaces, a focus on teamwork and open communication, access to the CEO, and a competitive atmosphere that encourages personal growth and learning.

#Microsoft provides plenty of benefits to its employees like competitive pay, bonuses, promotions, on-campus retail stores and services, social clubs, an on-site library and many other facilities. In addition, individuals can take advantage of 20 weeks of paid maternity leave and 12 weeks of fully paid parental leave, including adoption and foster placement.

#Adobe is a company that offers tremendous benefits to its employees – on-site yoga, cafeteria, paid family vacations, medical insurance, retirement plans, education reimbursement, mentoring opportunities, on-demand online courses and leadership development programs, and much more. The company provides a red cardboard box filled with standard office supplies, snacks, and a $1000 prepaid credit card upon request for each employee to explore their idea when available. 

# Trask solutions is a technology and consulting company that provides digital solutions to the largest companies in the Czech and international markets. Its innovativeness is also apparent in the style of its office furniture. No one is isolated here. Everyone can find their way, although there are no corridors. In between the work areas, the designers have placed a study room with a library, lounges for relaxing and cooling off, and an extra concentration room. There’s also a children’s area with swings! The meeting rooms dispose of tall, custom-made cabinets and are separated from the generic space by glass panels encased in a sturdy grid. Crucial solutions are often designed in unlikely places. That’s why there’s a grove with a circular high desk, a fully equipped games room and a dedicated gym called “the beach” for some reason.

# Philip Morris decides to move its office to a new spacious location in Ho Chi Minh City. The project is completed quickly – in just two months. The open space has colourful curved partitions and a discussion area for small talk. These hexagonal semi-open ‘talking boxes’ help staff concentrate or discuss personal matters without being affected by the surroundings. The creator even creatively combined the bottom of the seat with drawers to store documents and save a lot of space. The reception desk is designed with oval shapes to give ideal depth to this space. There is a colourful ‘kids zone’ specifically edsigned for small children of employees.


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