Constantly updating information and creating new content is the key to driving more traffic to your business online. Creating a compelling message is the most important part of marketing, and copywriting tools can help you plan, develop and deliver it more effectively. From creating text and display ad copy to writing blog posts as part of a content marketing campaign, marketers use copywriting in a variety of formats to drive conversions and ensure the success of their campaigns. 

Copywriting is also used in email marketing and in creating compelling social media posts. Check out some of the best copywriting tools to power your writing process and create high-quality ad copy.

# Autowriterpro – this is a content creation platform with integrated artificial intelligence features. Unlimited access is available for $39.99 and comes with plenty of automated copywriting tools and free templates to assist the content creation. Templates can be applied for blog posts, website content, social media and other marketing needs. With one-click, the software creates custom copy for sales, blogs, social media posts, emails, meta tags and more. There are even separate tools designed for blogs. The AI article generator creates 800-word articles with a single click, while the AI article rewrite tool can overwrite existing content or rewrite sentences for different websites.

#Facebook Ads Library – The Facebook Ads Library is an online repository of ads that appear live on Facebook’s social media platform. Gaining inspiration and monitoring competitors is a crucial part of the copywriting process. Marketers can search for ads in the Facebook Ads Library by keyword or by advertiser name. That makes it easy to find ad data on your competitors to explore their messages and see how they use copywriting when marketing a  similar product.

The library is available for free.

# SpyFu – This is a competitive analysis tool. You can type any domain into the SpyFu search bar and discover the best performing website content and a complete history of ads on Google’s search network. SpyFu makes it easy to study how other brands in the same niche use copywriting to create impactful ads and web content. Marketers can access limited data by using the free version of SpyFu. Paid subscriptions start at $33 per month.

#Sharethrough Headline Analyzer – Headlines are omnipresent in the digital marketing world. There are headlines at the top of blog posts, headlines that link to blog posts, headlines at the top of search and display ads, and even subject lines for emails. Regardless of the use case, Sharethrough offers a free service that analyzes headline strength and offers improvement hints. The platform provides one of the best free headline analysis tools. It is fast and easy to use, with strignt-forward suggestions for improvement.

# Hemingway App – This app is a fantastic way to develop self-awareness as a writer. It’s structured very simply – you enter a text and see which phrases are too long or complex. The app even identifies words with more appropriate synonyms and assesses the readablty of the content. Because the text analysis relies on simple mathematical formulas, it’s easy to “trick” the app to get a better score without improving your writing. Hemingway has no semantic understanding of the text; it cannot determine how the information and ideas are structured. But the interface is efficient and highly user-friendly.

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