Lots of noise for… something! What all well-thought-out strategies, in-depth planning, and advanced models fail to achieve, buzz marketing does. Creating noise around a brand or product, targeting a larger audience that exceeds the buyer’s profile, and generating free advertising are some of the benefits that make it worth implementing.

Buzz marketing gives the audience a story to talk about. And it is more successful than TV posts or print ads. However, to achieve the “wow” effect, you need to follow a few steps, advises the author of “Buzz Marketing” Mark Hughes.

  1. Forbidden – If something is forbidden, it will be desired! If you introduce a taboo story, sales of the even most boring product will jump up significantly.
  2. Unusual – Include something that shouldn’t be in your ad, something unconventional.
  3. Remarkable – Have someone special tell you something memorable about the product to make it stand out.
  4. Outrageous – Shock the audience, surprise it but press this button carefully, avoiding negative comments.
  5. Hilarious – Humor is not easy to achieve, but if you have it and it works, it’s worth it. Smile at your audience, cheer them up with a funny story.
  6. Secret – Sharing something secret is like a dialogue opening. Push the rumour by letting something slip quietly out of your mouth.


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