What a pity if you fail emotionally despite all the knowledge you have gained! Even the best education and high-end training do not count if you don’t rule your feelings. But your temperament is not karma. You can make it work for the sake of your and others well-being. The key to emotional intelligence is the ability to understand your feelings, the feelings of other people and to be able to manage them.

In his book “Emotional Intelligence” the author Daniel Goleman claims there are no wrong feelings, there are just wrong reactions. Emotions are a process, they are a function of the brain related to awareness, experience, and attitude. 

In business, when searching for the best advertising partner or developing the most effective go-to-market strategy, you have to integrate these five components to blend speaking the same language with improving sales performance.

Follow the same approach in advertising. Manifest humanity in your strategy. Tell the audience there’s nothing wrong with feeling angry. Crucial is how you use this anger. Show people, you understand their vulnerability because you are vulnerable too. In this way, your brand message will sound more personal, almost like a recommendation from a friend.


The ego usually dictates “Satisfy Your needs”, and that’s why it is not easy to be empathetic. It is caring to identify the wishes of others. In the advertising business, this is the finest way to lend a hand, to sell the product and to provide it to the ones who need it. The point is to understand the profile of your users to pack the offer as a present not just as a masked sales pitch. 

This analysis can guide you in your work, too. During self-observation, one can be at peace even when one is angry. Because consciousness requires your presence here and now. Diving deep into yourself, you will see more clearly and understand better the drives of the others as well. It will become easier for you to evaluate consumer behaviour beyond graphics.

The level of emotional intelligence shows how you think and how you act. Low EQ might mean you let the anger control you. But remember, you should not try to suppress this feeling. Much better – you acknowledge it, “talk” to it, understand the reasons why and analyse your behaviour. And put it on a leash next time you are about to explode. 

Good advertising is the one that encourages, convinces, and leads to the result desired. Creating such an ad is achievable only for the ones that succeed in using their knowledge through the emotions’ funnel well controlled. 

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