10 best business books about life bequeathed to us from 2020

To understand how to become a professional, absorbing from the experience of others, is the outstanding advantage and meaning of the “know-how” evolution. Career guidelines are like road signs that provide safe and successful travel. In some business books, the authors admit the wrong patterns they followed which led them to failure. The pages describing peculiar gaps along the way are our guide to profit-making and brand enforcement.

Unlike theoretical knowledge, the book provides real practical examples and answers. If you’re trapped in failure, here you can find a cure for your business depression. The letters are the means for a “Do it!”-push.

Of course, you may not take them for granted – your gut feeling also has the word. Sometimes it is vital to stumble your own way when striving to achieve success. What matters is for you  to develop acumen. That is the exact keyword we connect to the idea of best business book for 2020.

  1. “No Filter” by Sarah Frier wins the 2020 Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year Awards. The book explores how Instagram has changed the global business by creating an “influencer economy” and introducing a business model that sells a new type of lifestyle. Facebook’s decision to buy the photo-sharing app in 2012 is one of the best investments. What Fryer’s book suggests, however, is that we are still learning what it will cost us.
  2. Daniel Suskind’s “A World Without Work” focuses on advances in artificial intelligence. According to the author, all kinds of jobs are increasingly at risk. He asks how we can progress in a world with less work. The challenge will be to create meaning when work is no longer the center of our lives. In this pragmatic and ultimately encouraging book, the author shows us the way.
  3. “If Then” by Jill Lepore. The book tells the story of Simulmatics Corporation, a company founded in 1959 that used political influence to destabilize and manipulate. What it leaves behind reaches modern technology giants like Facebook and Google. Lepore comes across some company’s papers and decides to tell this forgotten story about the methods and arrogance of the Silicon Valley.
  4. “No Rules Rules”, written by Netflix founder Reid Hastings and Erin Meyer. “It’s time to do things differently, to trust the team, to be extremely honest. And never ever try to please your boss. ”These are some of the ground rules if you work at Netflix. The book emphasizes them and the transformation of the company. Professor Erin Meyer, on the other hand, explores the leadership philosophy – which begins by rejecting the acknowledged beliefs that rule most companies’ operations. For anyone interested in creativity, productivity, and innovation, the culture of Netflix turns out to be something close to the Holy Grail. 
  5. “Business growth – how to achieve it” by Vladislav Tsvetanov. This Guide of the Successful Manager contains techniques, approaches, and strategies for achieving business growth and preventing common management mistakes. Before taking an exam, one studies. Before participating in a competition, one exercises, and before taking a managerial position, one does nothing, the author claims. This book is a must-read for any manager who wants to reach their potential and achieve higher and sustainable business results.
  6. “Online business from scratch” by Nick Chakarov. According to the author, the lack of security is the biggest obstacle for starting an online business. Every year, wandering between rumors, commercials, and videos from the Internet, hundreds of thousands of people jump from one sphere to another. The book tells you exactly which online business is suitable for you, what investment is needed for it initially, and what time it will cost you.
  7. “The Leader’s Guide to Negotiation” by Simon Horton is a practical guide to getting the most out of your business meetings and building stronger relations. Key points of the process are: prepare for success, make plan “B”, confirm credibility and connection; a win-win game; problem-solving and trust establishment.
  8. “You’re About to Make a Terrible Mistake” by Oliver Sibony. The author, a professor of strategy and management consultant, draws on many fascinating and interesting case studies to show how our cognitive inclinations determine our choices. Listed are specific methods for making smart and effective decisions in business and life.
  9. “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World” by Michael Hyatt. When there were three TV channels and two types of toothpaste, the quality was sold by itself. But in a global economy crowded with millions of competitors, quality is just the beginning. Two small words make this endeavor easier – social media. Hayatt has spent the last eight years building a platform of hundreds of thousands of followers to create this guide for everyone with something to sell or say.
  10.  “All In: How Obsessive Leaders Achieve the Extraordinary” by Robert Bruce Shaw. What do entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have in common, which fuels their insatiable drive to become extraordinary leaders? This book shows leaders and strivers how obsession can lead to the most incredible success. The author reveals how the same personality characteristics can also have devastating damage to the person himself and to his co-workers.

These books unfold modern society stories, messages about business as life, reveal universal guidelines for everyone. Each of them has a sparkle – success, failure, innovation. The greatest source of life is experience. A story told is a sparkle shared. Take advantage of its energy. And why not become the next author of the best business book of the year?

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