9 reasons why social media is so important

August 3, 2021

Social media is a distinct parallel world that influences real marketing with its significance. It is crucial to have a profile on at least one social media. But this also requires resources. So choose carefully on which networks to focus your efforts. Explore the type of audience your products have, find out where your customers look for your services most often.  

To have a solid online presence is crucial because:

  1. You can grow your audience even with a small budget. You create pages on social networks for free. Even if you do not invest money at first, there are enough tools to reach at least part of your audience. One option is to use keywords, popular hashtags to improve your search engine rankings. In this way, you can build a segmentation of the audience and divide it into specific sub-groups.
  2. Build a relationship with your customers. If you relate to them, your business will grow remarkably. This kind of conversation creates trust, and trust is a key element to increase sales. Like all other types of relationships, communication can develop or end contact. That is the way to understand more about the interests of the people who follow you – thus creating a solid basis for your marketing strategy.
  3. Study your competition. You can easily follow what others in your industry are doing, how they offer their products, how they provoke interest. Examine their posts, focus on what brings more engagement, analyze the distinction between them and you. Comprehend the questions of their audience to gain new knowledge about your own.
  4. You get to tell stories. It is also important how you write, whether you can go beyond being only a brand but touch the heart of your readers. Share stories that carry your imprint and company’s signature, but also a taste of what your audience likes. Open the door with a touching story of the company’s creation, what is it like behind the scenes, how the magic happens. If your video on the company’s tale becomes “viral”, you get an extra score point for good performance. See HERE HOW TO VISUALIZE YOUR BRAND.
  5. You can advertise your products effectively. Keep your customers up to date. Target the persons interested in your services without spending a budget on low-potential groups. So the company’s products may end up in the hands of the client sooner. You don’t need a huge budget. Discover closed and open groups that relate to your brand, and request to become a member. Study the market needs. Spot the right moment to get involved with a natural solution to an issue.
  6. Increase your ROI. Successful social media marketing leads to more revenue, and you do not need to invest much in return. It is a transporter of ideas to many people that you can attract as potential buyers or followers.
  7. Build brand awareness. Especially if you are already successful with the viral from the kitchen of the company, then you are taking the first steps towards more lasting identification. That is why it is crucial what logo you have chosen when creating or rebranding the company. If you do that well, consumers will understand your brand visual identity, your core messages, your position in the market, your voice on social networks.
  8. It brings traffic to your website or blog. Some of your posts live only on social media, but probably you create another part to bring users to your own channels to show all services you offer. Use various “tricks”, like not telling everything but only teasing interest, to temporarily or permanently increase website traffic.
  9. It has a positive effect on search engines. Social media impacts SEO. For example, if you publish quality content that gets thousands of shares. Then related to your story keywords will rank your website much higher in the results. Google and Bing also display tweets in their search results – consider this feature for popular topics.

The digital world is a large platform with many opportunities and traps. It is now riskier to “keep silence” than to represent your brand thoughtfully with a profile. Look closely at people’s online behaviour because it is often quicker, more emphatic, and intense than it would be in a real-life situation. But just fitting in with their manner and joining the crowd is not enough. Use this basis to step firmly and stand out as a leader who observes processes and analyzes from above.

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