Eight platforms to stream business events

Even if you plan an in-person business event, it is good to have a backup option and stream it if necessary. But why not offer both options to cover the maximum amount of people, regardless of their location. If you care about accessibility, you can train participants in Thailand with lecturers in Sofia, for example. The new digital age has come with new rules. To keep up with the time, revise how you organize corporate events. Following are some suggestions for platforms where you can broadcast live.

  • Facebook Live – One of the most common methods to show up online, and at the same time – one of the easiest to use live streaming tools. Facebook Live has been the king of live streaming promotion. There are options for responses and comments from users, which can increase engagement. Just be sure to check if the target group or territory does not ban this social network. 
  • Periscope – Although Facebook has boosted uninterrupted streaming, Periscope is the pioneer in live streaming applications that remains a powerful player. The app allows you to explore the world through the eyes of others. Like Facebook Live, but without the limitations of a social platform, Periscope is the daily mobile choice of thousands of event planners.
  • Livestream – Livestream is a platform that allows users to watch, like, and share live events through a set of hardware and software tools. This technology is unique because of one of its proposals, called “Mevo”. Along with the Livestream subscription, you will get your own Mevo – a pocket camera for events, which ensures that you do not miss a single shot. Dedicated 24/7 customer support and the generation of customized tracking and event analysis are also available.
  • Youtube Live – YouTube was among the first to add live-streaming features to its platform, but has experienced several changes in policy, tools, and features since then. The platform already has quite an advanced offering, including the option to search on YouTube, powered by Google. There are also refined and event-specific features such as broadcast delay, live chat, and automatic recording. Serves both individual streamers and professional event management organizations.
  • Instagram Live – Although this platform added the option to broadcast live recently, the potential to reach a large number of users is relatively high. The attributes are very little, but due to the growing use of Instagram, the use of its streaming is gaining ground.
  • Ustream – The platform has an option for interactive live broadcasting for all users. With over 2 million live video events broadcasted each month, Ustream is home to many esteemed brands. If editing is your thing, you’ll be astonished by the after-event editing features.
  • YouNow – YouNow is a live streaming app that has been around for more than a decade. This social media app is known for its safety. The streamers can connect with their audience, have strict rules for maintaining the security and integrity of the application, provide 24/7 monitoring of content and easy access with Google, Apple, and Instagram.
  • Twitch – Twitch, owned by Amazon, is a popular live streaming platform for desktop and mobile devices widely used by gamers. It is a reliable medium through which users earn money from donations, subscriptions, and advertising. It is generally easy to use.

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