How to acquire new knowledge without having to pay for it?

April 12, 2021

There was a time when sharing the experience was not highly esteemed. Nowadays people in some professions keep their skills zealously indeed, but the general sentiment seems to be going in another direction. It is an anachronism to hide knowledge in your brain while the other end of the world is only a click away. 

If 20 years ago, interns followed the footsteps of senior staff and strived to replicate how you eventually succeed in the area, in the present, it is quite often the opposite. Many corporations pursue the potential of the unburdened generation. And when they hook it, they gratify the potential with free access to basic knowledge.

On the one hand, those who offer free courses can recruit a quality workforce tailer-trained in-house. On the other, this approach raises the company’s reputation. To hand over knowledge requires you have it, and then you become synonymous with excellence. At the same time, you raise the professional standards and create competition.

Free training is a quick and easy way to find out what you want to do. You can try different fields and accumulate a variety of information. The minimum result for you is expanding your general knowledge. Online courses are becoming more and more relevant, some of them allow you to take classes on-demand. Here listed some suggestions for acquiring new knowledge without paying extra:

  • Google Digital Garage – it offers you to learn the basics of digital marketing. This course consists of videos grouped in 26 modules. After each module, you pass a test. The information is plainly written, with real-world examples and practical exercises. At the end of the course, you receive a certificate that lets the employers know you are aware of the basic concepts in digital marketing.
  • Facebook Blueprint – With this course, you will learn how to advertise on Facebook, how to choose the right audience, and in general, you will have access to everything you need to turn a social network into a successful marketing platform. You can choose between different topics and start improving in the selected area.
  • Shaw Academy – Here you will find a great variety of courses about photography, video processing, guidelines for creative writing, graphic design, analyzing business, and psychological advice to the team and the leader. Before you start, you fill out a short survey about the reasons you need these lessons. After that, you set a goal – how many hours a day or a week you want to study. 
  • Introduction to Social Media Strategy with Skillshare – This online course is primarily aimed at people who want to improve their social media skills. Here you will find out how to create the best content for your audience. Skillshare offers a 2-month free trial, which is more than enough to complete the training.
  • Canva’s Design School – This set of online courses is aimed at anyone who wants to learn more about Canva, the basics of graphic design, social media, or to upgrade their presentation skills. All you need to access it is an email account.
  • Wishpond’s Email Marketing Masterclass – It is perfect for beginners in the email marketing world. In this free course, you will learn about common email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them. You will also get to know how to expand the list of email addresses to which you send your newsletter. A registration on the site or through your LinkedIn account is required.
  • The lessons here are for both pupils and anyone who wants to recall basic school knowledge. You will also find a wide range of video tutorials related to real business and entrepreneurship. You will learn what the idea of the European Union is. You’ll also have access to meditation lessons and tips for safe driving.
  • Free language learning apps – Duolingo and Mondly – After a simple registration, you choose which language you want to start learning or recalling. The applications have gained wide popularity also thanks to their gamification that allows you to have fun while acquiring knowledge.

You can also take advantage of one-day seminars or lectures by human resources agencies. Some of them organize online meetings to share some recommendations and tips to improve your CV or to get your LinkedIn account noticed. 

Do not underestimate your hobby too. It is what inspires you in a natural way, fills up your day with meaning. And why not become a boost to your own business?

Earning knowledge does not end up with university graduation. The world is getting more open and information and skills develop constantly. It is no longer that hard to become what you want to be. The point is to decide what is it going to be and invest time in your development.