How to present a unique selling proposition?

January 26, 2022

You have an outstanding product that you have proudly put on the starting line in the advertising world. But unexpectedly it begins to lag behind the competition. This poor performance damages the overall “athletic” figure of your company. The good news is that you have opened the proper blog post on Brand Network. Use these friendly bits of advice to practise for the upcoming race.

The way you offer your product or service on your website, in your catalogues and campaigns, as well as within the company or in front of business partners, is essential for consumers behaviour and for the purchase decision.

# Narrow your target audience. Especially if the product from this series has specific features that will catch the attention of a particular group, target these people. For example, if you are a web developer with experience in CMS, instead of targeting anyone who needs help building or modifying a CMS, you can identify your customers as small business owners looking for someone familiar with MODx to customize their website.

# Describe what problem you are solving. From the perspective of future customers, answer the question of what is the specific individual need or challenges they face and how your business can solve them.

# List the most distinctive advantages of your product. Two to four of the biggest benefits a customer gets from choosing to work with you, which they can’t get from another company, are enough. How do you stand out from the competition?

# Define a promise. A key point in thinking about how to make a unique selling proposition (USP) is to be able to determine and write your business vow to the customer.

# Combine and edit. After completing the above steps, write a paragraph with the message you want to send to buyers. The message has to answer the questions introduced above. Edit it as many times as needed to give it a look that makes you sigh with relief.

# Compress the message. In this step, you need to shorten the paragraph and make it thick and meaningful by fitting it into just one sentence.

This unique pattern of steps includes several other important rules that you should not forget. Assure a variety of different colours and fonts in the presentation. That will help it stand out and will be an indication of creativity. It is the basis of the unique selling proposition. Use an innovative way to make your brand and products more accessible to the average consumer. The main challenge here is to combine the diversity in a way that brings meaning – the essence of your brand. 

The unique expression of sales proposals usually contains short, sharp, and eye-catching sentences that tell a story. It is crucial to have a clear call to action. In the USP presentation, use images and photos to reinforce the message and describe why the product or service is so impressive. 

Expect distinctive examples from the business of successfully implementing unique sales propositions in our next post.

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