Seven new gadgets from CES to try

February 24, 2022

This year the specialized exhibition of the Association of consumer technology CES presented part of the events from Las Vegas and some of the hugest appearances like Google, Intel or Microsoft virtually. The mixed version did not stop the participants from getting in touch with diverse innovations like the changing colour of the BMW SUV 

or the contemporary Razer module PC concept.

Find here some other gadgets to use in business and beyond your professional life.

  1. Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED – Is it a tablet? A laptop? A big foldable Netflix screen? No matter how you bend it, Asus and its Zenbook 17 Fold OLED prove themselves in design. That is not the first foldable mobile computer we have seen, but it could be the first one of its kind. The 17,3-inch display is completely OLED, meaning bright colours and exceptional contrast. The foldable Zenbook with its travel case makes it easy to carry around a screen bigger than some desk displays. The detachable keyboard makes it practical and assures great experience like desk computers almost everywhere.
  2. Chipolo Card Spot Tracker with Apple Find My for $35 – Do you worry you may lose your wallet? Check its latest known location on the map in Find My app and use the function ‘Notify when found’, if it ever disappears. The tracking card you should put in your wallet disposes of a 105 dB ring tone. Congrats to the Apple fans! The Android users will have to search for another option.
  3. Take a look in the air with pollution monitoring from Airthings – Last year, obviously inspired by the pandemic, the air monitoring company Airthings launched a service that discovers the virus spread potential indoors. Now Airthings aims to deal with even more ailments circulating through the air we breathe. The new Airthings $ 199 device View Pollution can discover everything – from city smog to wildfires. It traces the particle size of irritants and detects the ones most likely to cause allergic reactions or respiratory issues. For $299, Airthings View Plus combines pollution- and virus monitoring with the standard Airthing radon detection capabilities.
  4. Graph card Nvidia RTX 3050 – Nvidia, the chips producer whose cards power everything – from game consoles to self-driving cars, uses CES 2022 to launch the next iteration of its user-friendly graph cards. RTX 3050, affordable for $ 249, fills a significant gap in the Nvidia portfolio and provides advanced graphic technologies like ray tracing. These cheaper cards are favourable for gamers and computer creators, who struggle more and more in finding graphic cards. The crypto miners snap up all available since they use them to obtain valuable coins like bitcoin and Ethereum.
  5. Replace the sticky notes with… small LCD tablets – Analogue notes are ultimately inconvenient. And sometimes the pen and paper are too big to bring around. Try to keep your records on an elegant thin tablet. There are also a lot of digital notebooks available. VersaNotes на Boogie Board are thin, flexible LCDs. They are available in a pack of three with dimensions 4 x 4 inches (ca. 10х10 cm) or 4 x 6 inches (resp. ca. 10х15 cm), coupled with a stylus VersaPen. Think of them as a sticky note for multiple uses. Unlike many other reusable gadgets on the market, also from Boogie Board itself, VersaNotes does not provide any intelligent features or fantastic audio notification. That is the reason for it to be so affordable. The starter pack will be sold for 30 US dollars when launched later this spring. Because of the simplified functionalities, these digital notebooks will not suffer from complications, typical for the more expensive tech tools for writing, like lagging display with E Ink or crashing software.
  6. Home hub from Samsung – It will allow you to control all SmartThings. If your home is full of gadgets from Samsung’s ecosystem SmartThings you will be able to manage them from a central device called Home Hub. Unlike Echo Show from Amazon or Nest Hub from Google – both have their distinctive feature in the trend of intelligent display – the Samsung version is an 8,4-inch (ca.21 cm) tablet you can place on a docking station or carry around the house or office. It has two build-in micros and two loudspeakers to listen to voice commands at Bixby and announce notifications. Samsung will add to Home Hub the opportunity to manage even more devices like door locking or lights.
  7. Skydio 2+ Drone for $1099 – Equipped with a new autonomous flight system powered by AI and called KeyFrame, Skydio 2+ will help you smoothly shoot video recordings from diverse individual points defined by you that the drone will automatically route. You may choose between different configurations, including Starter Kit, Sports Kit, Pro Kit and Cinema Kit, that add accessories such as MicroSD cards, hard case and joystick controller.