Sponsorship alternatives to promote the brand low-budget

August 13, 2021

Sponsorship is a form that supports the successful brand marketing route. More and more huge corporations realize the positive effects of sponsoring, investing in social causes, and promoting talent. Yet, such strategic steps are not reserved just for business mastodons. They can be beneficial for small companies as well, for example, support for a local sports event. You have various options to promote your brand without investing a huge amount of money or big efforts in this.

Use popular online people. Some influencers gain temporary access to the sponsor’s account on Facebook, Instagram, or another network, and encourage their followers to taste the brand. For example, your influencer narrates the corporate story of the first factory. Or publishes a photo with Lady Petya from the production line in the neighboring town. The publication mentioning your product or the company gains popularity among the influencers’ audience. Depending on its specifics (scope, type, targeting, intensity of the relations), each influencer has a different rate.

It is a valid option to sponsor an event. If your budget is limited, focus on a small local event related to a sport, scientific or cultural initiative.

The promotion of such events or competitions will generate positive statements and recommendations. Especially if what is happening is related to extraordinary human efforts or promoting exceptional talent. The identity of your brand will become a synonym for a socially responsible company. It is also possible to organize your own event if there is no suitable one in near future.


However, if you engage as a sponsor in a large event with a small amount of money, you might get lost in the crowd. Therefore, better support financially and in other forms smaller groups of people with more explicit interests. For example, people who fly hang gliders and put your brand on their sails. Or sponsor the theatre in a small town for a year.

Clarify the following key points with your future sponsorship partners:

• Have they worked with sponsors before?

• If not, are they open to the idea in the future?

• What kind of support will they demand? 

Sponsorship is good for the company’s image. But to make it effective, you need a solid marketing plan. The goals are important, and so are all the steps for its accomplishment. Comply with the key messages of your brand. Let’s say, you go for “dynamics”. In this case, check the sporting activities in athletics, for example. All activities must be subordinate to the brand strategy and maintain its development.

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