What your role should be?

Using the Pitch Zone @Brand Network, you need to decide what your role should be. The process facilitates interactions between clients, searching for marketing, PR, or branding services, and the respective providers. So, if you confirm one or more of the following statements, ‘client’ is your role:

  • I search for marketing or communication services
  • I am in-house responsible for selecting service providers (PR, brand & marketing)
  • I need to find the best suitable partner for a marketing or communication task to work with

The service providers will agree with the following:- I offer marketing or communication services

  • My company provides services related to PR, digital marketing, communication, branding, design, events, training
  • I want to know when clients search for services / open pitches (please note – for this function, you need to check the notification tab in your profile after registration)

For agencies or other organizations that offer and receive services, a mixed profile is available, too. It allows you to take advantage of the benefits of clients and service providers features at the same time. 

!Fun spoiler alert! You have to consider and choose thoughtfully because you cannot change your role after registering. So, better ask yourself at this stage whether you would like to be just ‘client’ or just ‘services provider’. If you hesitate, we shall be glad to answer your questions or directly discuss the advantages of the three choices – so, drop us a note and let us make the best for you. 

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