10 widgets to reinforce your business

Do you realize you can trick the timeline, and instead of wasting energy running after your daily routine, you could take a deep breath enjoying the unbearable lightness of being? To figure out a logical solution to a dilemma is evolutionary. Why not apply the same approach for the small things in your daily life to mix business with pleasure.

These ten widgets will enhance your productivity, guard against business harm and even make you click your tongue, excited by the progress of the mind.

  1. Washable Keyboard – Logitech Washable Keyboard K310 is appropriate for disinfection addicts. It’s a natural adjunct of your hands, so, logically, you should be able to wash it, shouldn’t you? The creators of this product guarantee that after cleaning with water, the keyboard dries quickly, and you can wipe it with a towel. Its symbols are printed with a laser and are UV rays dried.

2. Window Emergency Solar Battery Charger for iPhone iPod MP3 MP4 Mobile Phones – This charger is easily attachable to a window. The outside of the charger catches the sunlight, while inside charges your electronic equipment. It has a big and small USB output. It takes around 13 hours of direct sunlight for the rechargeable lithium battery to reach full charge.

3. Multifunctional Luxury Smart Pen – Might look like just a pen, but in fact, there are several things you get. With the smartpen of Beyond Ink you can sign paper documents, and you can use it on a touch screen. You can also store up to 16 GB directly on it. The widget contains as well a battery to charge Android phones and tablets.

4. LCD Writing Tablet – This digital eco version of the paper notes taking is suitable for both business and children. It has a lock function to avoid accidental loss of information. Its design is safe for children. The product is a practical present as well. It provides better and brighter writing, without radiation.

5. CableDrop – Cables stay in their place without shifting, interfering and creating chaos. CableDrops put an end to the insanity of chasing that cable that seems to have slipped and disappeared. The invention has a takeaway strip that allows you to stick it after peeling off to any surface needed – desks, walls, or nightstands.

6. PillowTie – Can you take a break and enjoy a siesta? Why don’t you relax for a few minutes, lying on this comfortable pillow that is your business accessory at the same time! Its design includes a secret valve for inflation. But just in case, set your alarm clock because there’s no one else to sign those contracts, right?

7. Sand Free Beach Bag – Chuck your laptop safely in the bag and work under the sound of the sea waves. No more fear of sand getting in your way. Or in your device whatever the choice for your seaside “home office” might be. The bag disposes of an inner pocket for small items as well. 

8. Magnetic Universal Car Mount Holder for Smartphones – Your video call or web-conference can catch you on the way while in your car. For this case, you need this magnetic phone holder. The mobile device remains motionless within the magnet field, despite road vibrations or sudden braking. 

9.  Time-Tracking Device – Analyzing how much time it takes to do a specific task will help you organize your day easier. The fun and functional system will audit how you spend your work hours. To switch from mailing to lunch, you have to rotate the device from the email to the plate icon. It syncs with your phone and records how long your new activity takes.

10. Self-warming Coffee Mug – You prefer your coffee, cappuccino, or latte hot, but you are stuck in long meetings? Now you can enjoy your stimulating drink without the rush. The product design is waterproof and stylish. Cleaning is easy, and the technology is secure.

Enjoy these or similar widgets, and you will celebrate the variety of life offerings. The world of device diversions to make living much more deliberating continues its growth. Reflecting the need to make things easier, on one hand, and the inspiring strength of the technology, on the other. 


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