5 movies to inspire the business person in you

Even containing fiction, the movies can be a reliable source of long-term inspiration for your work. You may choose to watch a film to relax from the busy schedule, to calm down enjoy your favourite drink. But some of the movies include a bunch of coded messages for the business day. Like moving speeches, astonishing stories of success or failure, role models in your industry. All the topics in the big film industry are waiting for you. Here are our suggestions to provoke your business acumen.

  1. “Up in the Air” – George Clooney’s character in the film works for a human resources consulting firm that helps companies manage layoffs. For doing this, he flies “up in the air” almost every day. That is why he doesn’t have a permanent address or family, and he likes it this way. He follows the philosophy of non-committal relationships. Until he meets someone… “Up in the Air” reminds you that hard work and dedication in business can take you to great heights. But most memorable are the personal moments. And yet – Clooney’s character is a personage with strong professional qualities, a solid position, and a straightforward approach.
  2. “Moneyball” – This film is about sport, and not only. Billy Bean, played by Brad Pitt, is a baseball team manager who has to find the balance between his limited budget and the owners’ demand for good results. With the help of a young economist, Bean manages to build a surprisingly strong team and make a real revolution in baseball. The key message here is significant also for the marketing area – before data drove key decision-making, intuition did. But data proved itself worthy, and it has become the most crucial component in the decision-making process.
  3. “Steve Jobs” – The man behind Apple and his story are iconic in the business world. The biographical film delves into reflections on his attitude towards employees. Despite the cold image of Jobs depicted in the movie, the shortcomings in his individuality don’t get the upper hand. After all, this genius person is the reason behind the stunning influence of the company on technology and the world as we know it today.
  4. “The Social Network” – In this movie, you will observe the whole process of creating Facebook, the most revolutionary social phenomenon of the new century. And you will get a chance to reflect on the changing relationships considering the technologically advanced now. As a marketer, you may find it fascinating to look inside, feel the inspiration, and even the thought times of the establishers.
  5. “The Founder” – The main character is the traveling merchant Ray Kroc. In the 1950s, he meets Mack and Dick MacDonald, that run a burgers shop in San Bernardino, California. Kroc instantly recognizes the potential for a franchise, and his sense of business turns the company into a billion-dollar empire. That is how McDonald’s legend is born. A bunch of contradictory business moves stands at the heart of creating the fast-food giant. The film raises the questions of what you do, what you can do, and how far will you go to make your dreams happen. And remain a good person all the way.

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