Ten songs to motivate you for work

June 11, 2021

Universal pain relief is the dance of musical tones. They could heal love disappointment, misfortunes in business, and even a hangover. Soul awareness and rather bride knowledge are required to find easily the melody that fits your condition best. Or to get you out of it. Your soul will vibrate to a definite frequency, affected by the sounds. 

To calm your spirit after a stressful business day, play on music at 432 hertz. It will create balance and tranquillity, and it is appropriate for meditation or sleep. You’ll sense the natural circulation of energy in your body, and everything will be alright. Melodies at 432 hertz are also the best choice before an important meeting or a horrifying public appearance. 

But if you need something more inspiring, you will have to trust a dense, faster, and more confident rhythm. Choose among our ten suggestions to energise you for work.

  1. Keep On Working by Dwight Twilley is one of the soundtracks of “Heavenly Bodies”. Shaping the body is connected to discipline, persistent training, and inspiration – things you need in your job, too. The performer sings “You can do it if you try”. You just need to open up your eyes and keep on workin’.
  2. Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes – Whenever you feel the mud is up to your knees, give this song a go. The White Stripes will motivate you to fight like a champion. The song is like an ode to the battle where the good triumphs at the end. And the melody declares – there is no place for devastation.
  3. What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong – This song will stick in your mind for a long time. It will make you feel peaceful. You’ll see “trees of green, red roses too”. The colours of the rainbow will point out the bright blessed day and the dark sacred night. Let the belief that everything is in its place and what needs to happen is happening, grow with you. And take care of your daily business with a smile and power.
  4. Lose Yourself by Eminem – Let’s turn to Eminem’s neighbourhood! At least once you’ve faced a situation where you have only one shot to reach the goal. “Lose Yourself” will ignite your entrepreneurial outlook, and you’ll focus on the winning aim.
  5. The Time Is Now by Moloko – This song is a love confession, but its message also reminds us that now is the right time to do anything. You only have the present moment. If you need encouragement, click on the play button and let your body dance. Creativity will come if you enjoy the moment.
  6. Work Hard by Depeche Mode – The sounds of hummers at the beginning of the song will smash the delusion that success is an easy one to achieve. Dave Gahan from the new wave group sings it like a mantra: “Nothing comes easy, but a broken will. You’ve got to work hard, so work hard”.
  7. The Show Must Go On by Queen – “Show Must Go On” is a true insight. It is like a slogan, especially for the ones that have survived a crash. When you are down and need to get up, Freddie Mercury will bring you back to life, illustrating what a strong character is.
  8. Shake It Out by Florence and the Machine – The unique voice of Florence and the instrumentals are nothing less than positive emotions that shake you out. The lyrics have a key phrase, which is “It’s always darkest before the dawn”. It reminds you that peace and serenity are next to come after the hardest moments.
  9. Four seasons by Vivaldi – Winter – Classical music could make you feel emotional. Even without words, it delivers appealing messages. And maybe it is not accidental that the coldest season has the most vivid tones in Vivaldi’s composition.
  10. “Here and Now” by D2 – “If you don’t see the shore and you’re alone in the dark, don’t get lost, look around for me. If you break a wall with your head, today is your day.” That’s what Dido, the frontman, sings. The rock rhythm encourages you to keep moving forward with the inspiration of the winner.

Not only the body dances to the music. Your feelings do, too. Songs get you moving,  help you solve a problem or enlighten you. This universal language is a successful means both to reconnect with yourself and to hum a motivation for your working days. 

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