Connecting talent with communication

Acquiring and managing people is a question of discovering talent. Because of particular corporate regulations, creative energy can hide behind tons of diligence. Therefore, provoke the professional expression beyond business etiquette in a conversation with the person. Create a shared corporate language that is both useful for the organisation’s purposes and for highlighting individual abilities.

Organisations need to integrate communications into their talent management strategies. The relation between powerful communication skills and work efficiency is clear and indisputable. Better the communication more thriving the business. 

Multinationals face various challenges related to communication demands, cultural differences, and attitudes. When fusing talent management with communication, consider these key points:

# Perform a reality check. Assess the level of communication skills in the organisation and identify weaknesses and strengths. It is crucial not to make assumptions, but to secure consistent evaluations. Some organisations believe language skills to be better than they are. Therefore, you should apply centralised tests for defining the gap between foretold levels of proficiency and the actual levels of communication skills.  

# Adopt. It is possible both to tear down communication silos and to integrate a global, streamlined solution. At the same time, you can personalize your approach locally to achieve short-term and long-term business goals.

# Analyze the gaps. Make sure you identify the discrepancies between genuine and required skills throughout the organization. Identify career opportunities to be handled by recruiting people from all over the world.

# Allow development. It is necessary to have a communication strategy to fill the skills gaps. Managers should be able to search for information about all business profiles in the organisation. That is useful to harmonising a professional commitment with the specific individual characteristics of a person. Use a more global approach to grant skills where they are needed.

Communication should focus on facilitating people’s management. Dialogues must be in line with existing needs and get the best out of the work teams.

Creating an integration of talent acquisition and communication has the goal of getting the best of each person’s skills. Achieving this synchrony is crucial both for strategic planning and for getting work done in compliance. 

Consider the following opportunities:

  • Each team member should be allowed to choose personally one project to work on: from a catalogue of the active projects, each one should be able to join one on a goodwill basis and contribute with their expertise, let say up to 4 hours per week. 
  • Provide the colleagues with an opportunity to explain to each other. That allows the benefits of authentic communication in “real” human language, as well as works as a test of how the message is being decoded, compared to the initial planning
  • Create conditions for the people to share knowledge and skills, let everyone be able to act as a coach or a mentor. 

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