Five steps to reach the empowered consumer

October 26, 2021

The empowered consumer is a challenge for brands. Marketers are adapting their trend sensitivity more dynamically and flexibly than ever before. The trade depends on demand, this is still true. But this only outlines the gigantic function of the modern consumer. To go in line with the “director of the show”, follow these five practices.

  1. Contact users where they want to be approached. Technology is advanced enough to attract the attention of the empowered consumer, and the simple application of tech is not sufficient to get ahead. You need to know where your audience likes to “hang”, what would become “viral”, how to “stalk” it without breaking the rules.
  2. Ensure security in your platform. If you create a community that feels close or united by common interests, you need to establish also trust – both in yourself and in the group. If you open a discussion platform, the page visitors will be able to share opinions and create insights for the brand on how to tell its stories. This consumer intelligence is priceless. Security also refers to safe shopping, easy navigation and usage convenience.
  3. Create relevant content. You can customize your offering by employing digital data to create user profiles. You need to explore the whole information to realize where your audience is staring. Content is that finds the consumer ’cause there’s no other way to catch them. And definitely, some hard-to-be found products or services would not work. 
  4. Make informed decisions. In the age of the knowledgeable and demanding consumer, marketing cannot afford to not know which half of the budget is wasted. You can quickly explore information and find specific answers. Don’t barry yourself in the old habits. Consumers’ feedback is a strong asset for marketers to gain a detailed, in-depth understanding and direct marketing messages straight-forward to them.
  5. Keep consumers engaged with your brand. Observe the change in their interests, give them more of what they prefer, guide them on what to choose when confused. It is crucial to re-gain them back. A one-time purchase does not make a buyer a dedicated customer. For the latter, consistency is required, which comes from your personalized attitude, case by case.

To reach the empowered consumer is to follow trends, to explore consumers’ behaviour, to communicate directly with them. Shorten the distance and drop the weight of the corporate suit. People begin to search for and rely more on what excites them. The key is to give consumers what they want, where they want it when they want it – and to a price, they are ready to pay.

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