What power does the empowered consumer have?

October 22, 2021

The technology evolves in a proportional to the consumer needs ratio. The contemporary customer requires more because they live in a time when everything arrives at the door of their home, all is rational and easy to use. It may sound like pampering, but the dynamic workday demands that.

The Empowered consumer is much more informed than ever before. Knowledge is their weapon. And you as a professional are obliged to monitor their habits, to observe the shift in them, resulting in a changed consumers’ behaviour. You have to provide precisely what they desire, in the most convenient way. The situation today makes the new type of consumer even pickier and expecting more security. In pandemic conditions, people insist on shopping safely, insist for companies to show care for their health, to introduce new levels of cleanliness and hygiene measures. That is the reason why the audience resorted to online marketing much more. Internet markets are growing and gaining almost unlimited breadth.

It is not exactly clear how the passive consumer transforms into an active one, into a determining economic force. The profile controls the situation and drives the behaviour of the merchant, who in turn must quickly orient themselves in the dynamics of the behaviour on the other side.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help you understand how your business can thrive, using the client database, the segmentation of customers. Use this own data to understand your buyers and help the organization adapt to the changing market.

The empowered consumer lives on his phone. Everything is in the mobile device – the calendar, the credit card, the whole digital palette of everyday life. It makes it easier for you as a company. Because instead of wondering how the exact person reacts, you can get an analytical report from the websites and applications. Of course, make sure you collect this information in full compliance with the legislation and GDPR.


A specific of the empowered user is that they first check different purchase options – this is the essence of their knowledge. Only at the next stage will they take action. Thanks to digital marketing, you may track their behaviour and take some winning steps.

But wearing your pink glasses of enthusiasm, do not forget the most important – your customer has to be content buying from you. Since the power of the empowered consumer also allows them to damage your company’s image much faster than ever before. One furious comment on Facebook, tagging your account, can be enough in case the reason for the dissatisfaction is legitimate. Not to mention that others dissatisfied with your service could join the post. Expect loyalty if you demonstrate loyalty. The added value of your product or service is a combination of the pricing, the accepted quality and the honest relations with your clients. 

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