How to make a sticky, funny ad?

Humour is a subjective perception. Not every joke would be appropriate for a specific audience and business. At the same time, people get to know your product from the advertising, which should stick in their heads, create a trust or – at least, make them smile. When choosing funny phrases for your next ad, keep these recommendations in mind.

# Support the idea. Whether you spend millions on video or TVC production will be insignificant as long as the content is disconnected from the core message of ​​the brand or product. The focused process of writing, compatible with the concept of ​​your service, does half of the work. So, your approach should be clear and brief.

# Start with a hook. Like fishing, you need to use a hook to attract your audience. The same concept works in marketing. Your hook can be a quote, argument, case, incredibly locking offer or even a graphic element. “Did somebody say McDonald’s?” is a fantastic example of “hooking” consumers.

# Use striking phrases. Maybe your message is something you would usually never say, that sounds absurd, and the dose of humour caresses the clients smile. Think for example: “The heavier you are, the harder it is to be kidnapped. Eat a cake. Stay safe” as a sign in a pastry shop. Or “You can never be too light” – a phrase in a grocery store. Such sentences embed in clients memories eternally.

# Peek distinctive moments. No one will tell you the plot of a movie over and over again. What stays is a phrase, an event, a situation, something specific, an abstract from the whole scenario. In the commercial, a mini version of the feature film, you should have a similar unforgettable story. Crucial is the viewers imagine themselves in the characters shoes.

Here are some examples of fun, memorable ads that make you smile.

It may be time to upgrade! This advertising concept reminds readers to go beyond Windows 10 for fear of being out of date.

A great visual demonstration of how yoga will make you bend and stretch, as this straw suggests. The advertising of this yoga studio attracts the eye and develops curiosity.

The picture with a “swimming pool” on paper is a compelling example of funny imagination. A few small scribbles – and you are caught up in the Kielo Travel ad. The concept is surprisingly simple and exceedingly effective at the same time.

Watch this video compilation as inspiration for your brand: 

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