How to impress your customers with SMS marketing

February 15, 2022

Our phones have advanced from a distracting device during work-time to a tool for diverse activities, influencing business decisions. Digital connectivity happens through our mobile devices. The smartphone is a whole world of information, scanning, payment, not just dialling numbers. Many companies responded to the new norms by including SMS messages in their marketing tactics. Omnisend report for 2020 shows a 378% increase in SMS usage compared to 2019. And the trend is expected to continue in the future.

If you combine SMS marketing with artificial intelligence (AI) and active 5G, you will be able to anticipate your customers’ behaviour, models and needs. And that will lead to more meaningful conversations and higher earnings.

Here are some crucial tips to consider for impressing your customers with text marketing on the phone.

  • Consider the other side. Automating the whole messaging process, you may forget you text an actual human. Remember, that in the middle of a hectic day, the client receives your text, checks it out and most probably ignores it. Users expect quick and exact messages and are not afraid to share their negative experiences on social media platforms, so act with clarity and particularity in handling words.
  • Avoid padding out. The time a client spends on your text message is limited. So better get rid of the long sentences and say straightforward what you want to say. You may highlight a part of the message in capital letters. But otherwise avoid them, as on the Internet they are considered shouting.
  • Strive for interaction. According to, the average smartphone user interacts with their mobile device about 52 times per day. However, your SMS should not be just a continuance of this automation and lack social touch. It should provoke feedback. Through this marketing, you can ask your customers to tell you how satisfied they are with a specific service, invite them to your website, evaluate a product, build ing at the same time mutual trust and genuine contact via the tech device.
  • Customize the message. Customers respond positively to personalization. With the e-commerce development, you have access to more analytical data for creating a truly personalized message. According to SmarterHQ, 72% of consumers state they only engage in B2B marketing messages that are individual and in line with their interests. Show that besides the wish to make a profit, you get to know the people who buy from you and provide them with a solution that corresponds to their needs.
  • Use chat speech. Even it is extreme slang, chat abbreviations spare signs space which is limited anyway. And on the other hand, they make communication more friendly and close. Think beyond ROI, beyond harsh corporate phrases. That is the place where it would make perfect sense to invite your younger audience not just to visit your shop but to an IRL meeting. Or to replace the Goodbye with BB.

Before running your SMS campaign, check out some specific suggestions in this video:

A successful SMS campaign starts with a proper software. Whether you are new to SMS marketing or want to update the tools in your mobile marketing strategy in 2022, here are some solutions to achieve your goals:

# Textedly – Provides simple, easy-to-set-up SMS solutions so you can start sending messages to your customers right away. The app automatically collects subscribers data about the city, state, and zip code. Users can access analytics such as subscriber timestamps, activity, user history, and other performance metrics. Incoming messages are not charged, and there is no limit to the number of subscribers for Textedly users.

# Bitrix24 – The software allows users to register and manage customer interactions, capture and store leads, generate sales reports, and segment target audiences.

# ROUTEE – Allows companies to send mass personalized messages to customers, including information such as customer names, purchase numbers, ticket numbers, and more. You can track customer preferences to send also personalized emails with promotions, offers, and discounts.

# Marketing 360 – This marketing platform is suitable for both start-ups and SMEs. It allows organizations to run social media advertising campaigns, execute search engine optimization (SEO) programs, and analyze the effectiveness of digital marketing.

# Intercom – It is a sales, marketing, and support solutions platform. It acquires, engages, and retains customers through its algorithm-based chat. Intercom serves sales teams in all industries with automatically send targeted messages 24/7. It also allows dialogues with prospects to eventually turn them into customers.

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