How to make your data visible?

December 1, 2021

You have a pile of corporate information. You want to present it so attractive that the people are attracted to it as if it were their favourite podcast. Corporate reports can be intensely stale, especially when you have no idea how to communicate the numbers as an appealing message. Breath in, take a step back and make an extended top-down look.

Consider where the corporate heart lies – what are its values, experience, positioning, future development plans? With their help, you can develop a complex communication strategy distributed in various channels. Your approach to more mass-oriented data visualization is related to engaging and interacting with your customers, but even more so to enhance your brand reputation.

There are several pillars to focus your team’s efforts around.

# The corporate website – Reveal your brand vision and organizational culture by telling stories about financial, human, social relationships. Commence with your intellectual capital and your strategy for the future. Describe them in a human language but without killing key content. 

# The company publications – Choose relevant content and topics that make the specific corporate data easier to perceive and process. Both copywriting and graphic design are crucial here. Always start with the most important to point out. Explain the parts of data presented that could raise questions when left without interpretation. Reveal the reasons, the trends – every cat has its tail. Explain these inner connections to properly hand over the strategic corporate messaging and significant corporate information. 

# The paper and digital reports – Introduce creativity in the financial data reports, sustainability performance indicators and integrated statements. Use them as a tool to point out again the crucial information and the relations to the business development strategy. Try to reduce the processing complexity with relevant intersections, graphs, enough ‘space’ in the graphic design. 

# The infographics and videos – Charts and animations will help you in presenting the information – they will make the data more understandable and more attractive for the media. Some of the spots you can prepare by yourself – there are plenty of DIY-whiteboard platforms, and besides, you can always use your phone to shoot a video. That is a powerful tool to visualize trends and to extract news-worthy messages.

 # The social media and digital marketing – Yet another channel to apply a creative strategy for content creation. Interactivity and feedback could be a good base for presenting your information.

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