Which social media to choose for your business?

September 24, 2021

Imagine you conduct an economic event and invite exclusively nuclear engineers. What will they hear, understand, and how involved they will be? The question is rhetorical, of course. The same irrationality would be if the audience of your business is young and “gathers” on Instagram, but you decide to have a LinkedIn account only. Social media is not just a marketing trail, it is a key element of your brand positioning. Networks create trust as well as initiate direct communication with your customers. But how to understand which of the approximately 65 social media sites is best for your business? Here are some of the crucial customer features of the most popular ones:

  • Facebook – It is a great place to start a social media strategy. As the most widespread network, you will find all kinds of people there. You can search for or create profiled groups. The business profile option allows other Facebook users to provide feedback for you. Facebook is good for generating leads and its advertising platform can be highly customized to a very fine-tuned audience. Facebook also provides an opportunity to build relationships that show the human side of the business. This network is a certain way to reach as many people as possible. Especially suitable for events to invite predefined profile visitors.
  • LinkedIn – This is your place if you offer professional services, B2B products or publishing. The emphasis here is on the carrier. You can create an audience of professionals from a certain industry. People in this social network are aged mostly 30 to 49, in their active work phase. On LinkedIn, you can announce and or put a badge to a profile photo when looking for new colleagues or declare you are open to new projects. Truly appreciated by the HR professionals who can post new openings and are able, at the same time, to screen quickly the career of everyone until this very moment. 
  • Instagram – Here you can find the younger generations and can afford to talk their slang. Instagram is the space of the influencers, some of whom you can involve in common business projects to advertise your brand through their popularity. Photos with filters, fun stories, reels – these are some of the attractive mechanics on the platform. This is where e-commerce takes place. You must have an Instagram account if you have an online store because the audience does not stop chatting and shopping online.
  • Twitter – An account here can be useful for companies in a wide range of industries – from entertainment to e-commerce. Furthermore, this platform allows you to create an account in which you can update the news from the company. It makes it a popular tool for media relations in Europe and for sharing the latest distributed in hashtag groups. The main mantra here is to give a voice to everything, but to limit the “noise”. The audience is selected, and the profile can be used for image or informational purposes.
  • TikTok – The users of this popular network utilise it to create, share and view content, mainly related to dancing, comedy sketches, and other physical activities. The audience is mostly young people, but the age limit is expanding. By 2021, TikTok is one of the most popular apps in the world (at least for the youthful), and its success happens due to some of the most complicated AI mechanisms.
  • YouTube – In this paradise of videos, people come to have fun and to learn something new. The variety of topics of the videos gathers a huge type of audience – both in terms of age and interests. And that makes the network a powerful tool for business. With YouTube, you create a video channel and you can connect with your users in a completely different way than on other social media platforms. You can create video tutorials, visually demonstrate the benefits of your products or present personal messages to your viewers. Very popular for sharing video clips from events, for example, without overloading your hosting plan. 

The number of social networks is far from covered with this shortlist. We mention briefly a few more here, less popular or already declining among certain nations. Reddit, for example, can be used to ask questions and get feedback about your business (advertising campaigns, web design, new products, etc.). Many companies pay huge amounts of money to collect such information from their audiences, not realizing that Reddit allows them to make it for free. For the people on Snapchat taking selfies in the top 3 activities of the daily to-do list. Creating a profile there must be oriented to this users type and eventually include a funny filter. Through the group chat in Viber, you can gather up to 250 people to exchange information, to keep them posted about your brand. Once the people are part of the group, you can assume they are actually interested in receiving updates on your business. One of the most common reasons for creating and maintaining Pinterest accounts is the inspiration – to find new ideas and share your own. The people on Pinterest are more open to new concepts and products.

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