Idea Management Tools – Part II

In addition to the already recommended tools, discover several more recommendations for successful ideas processing.

  • Techniques for prototyping – No matter how original the new idea for your business is, usually there have been dozens or hundreds of people who already have had it. Maybe they just failed to accomplish it. Once you have a “whim”, it is crucial to understand if your idea has a practical application. A typical next step is to create a prototype and test the envisioned solution with a target audience. Prototypes can be physical or digital, depending on the type of idea. You can use Adobe XD to design digital models.
  • Tools for idea validation – To validate your idea, you need to evaluate the results of the prototype and present the solution to the audience. For this, you can choose a simple spreadsheet. But idea management software with integrated evaluation features will make the data collection and systematization much easier. And you will oversee everything related. Our suggestions are a validation table or Lean Service Creation Validation Canvas.
  • A shared tool for idea collaboration – One of the best innovative platforms that bring employees, customers, and focus groups to create added value for your business is Glint Innovation. Valuable ideas can be a great source of inspiration to improve services, develop new products, or improve processes. The program uses an activity dashboard, brainstorming, collaboration, and idea ranking. It is trusted by many organizations worldwide, looking for new ways to connect, collaborate and engage. 
  • Keyword Tools – To select the most effective ideas, you need software to extract the champion keyword in your sector. Based on how your audience discovers similar services, you can develop a successful management approach to increase the efficiency of your business. Keyword Niche Finder is an option for classifying keywords by niche. Other well-known platforms are Semrush, Wordtracker and Keywordtool. And, of course, you can always use the Google solution. 
  • Innovation Management Tools – IdeaScale links organizations to people with ideas. Those ideas can change the world, not just your business. They can focus on digital transformation, face the age of automation, fight climate change, counteract inequality. This user-friendly platform enables any organization to engage with its audiences and collect a large amount of real-value data.

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