Artificial Intelligence as a natural choice for efficient business

The shift toward automated systems will likely rouse the economy and, contrary to growing fears, will add new jobs. The positions could be related to the facilitation of using artificial intelligence (AI).

The idea of smart technologies is to improve your professional performance. They support you to make significant decisions. Introducing them turns the completion of tasks into a fun process. Technology increases the possibility to achieve certain goals.

Where in marketing and communications can we find the AI application? First and most popular is the research of customer attitudes and their extract in usable trends, which direct not only advertising but also distribution, product characteristics development, and changes in the consumer experience. But databases are just the peak of the iceberg. Integration with social networks allows a quick, ongoing update of the current position, and also a reminder of the contact origin.

As next follow the machine learning (currently AI is mainly this) in the automated guidelines for specific topics. You make an event – great, there is an application, based on both academic and real-life human experience, combined with aggregated data from numerous various events. In this way, every next time the algorithms can more accurately predict how many days the production of the stage decor, for example, is expected to will be delayed. Or how many weeks in advance you need to book a cool speaker. Depending on the season and the temporary market pressure. Or for example the algorithm-based content management plan for social media that reminds everyone when they have to write, read or approve depending on the individual workflow process.

It makes sense to work with AI when you convince even those non-technical employees in your team. How to gain their confidence in the natural development of artificial intelligence?

  • Make the use of AI understandable. If something that sounds complicated at first glance is explained, it will become accessible. Even people who are not so familiar with a technology need to understand the importance and steps of working with artificial intelligence. Break the framework of prejudiced thinking. Appropriate training, depending on the level of receptivity, will benefit you as well. The whole team will see the pleasant image of AI much more efficiently. The key message is that this type of tool will make the job easier. The suggestion that technology will replace the human hand sounds like the headline of fake news from an uncertain source. The motivation to use AI will increase instantly as people realize that this type of intelligence will be their partner. 
  • Artificial intelligence must be applied flexibly, according to the needs of different teams. Provide several options for its introduction. You will need different models, depending on the departments and the specifics in them, as well as the different levels of technical literacy of the people. For example, for the Marketing department, will be useful if the tools increase customer engagement and make a successful segmentation of the audience. So, here the use of artificial intelligence streamlines the work of experts, the analysis comes faster, and it will be possible to have more time to refine the human resource. And when people see practically that, figuratively speaking, they no longer need to do calculations by hand or mind, because they have an electronic calculator, they come to your team – on the side of AI.
  • Technological tools will increase labor productivity and efficiency. You will need a stable team of programmers, software engineers, QA testers for the initial implementation of AI. Once launched, employees from diverse departments will be able to use it and make key decisions based on data provided by the automated system. Here again, emphasize to your team – AI does not replace people, it is designed to facilitate them and add value to their work.

Artificial intelligence is not so much about machines as it is about humans. And their involvement is the goal that you, as a manager or person in charge, must follow confidently. Show understanding for the level of the team’s abilities and customize the technologies to them. To build a smooth path between artificial intelligence and the world of people you have to rely on integration and the practical cohesion of machine and human. 

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