Myths about introverts and extroverts

July 6, 2021

Usually, each one of us holds a little bit from both opposite types that build the character. Some people prefer to put on a cap of darkness to become invisible at the next team building. And there is another group of personalities that yearn for loud performances and limelights. No matter how you perceive yourself, you are always on the right path. What might confuse you is the huge number of clichés about introverts and extroverts we use, like these:

  • “Only extroverts love to socialize.” Mostly, introverts are considered to be avoiding communication with people. But this is not completely true. Their desire to connect is set at a different level. And their focus inside their inner world and peaceful activities is a form of energy gathering for them to communicate with other people.
  • “Extroverts are happier.” Intense communication with various people could be a consequence of deep loneliness. Or it could be an attempt to shut up your fears and worries. But this doesn’t mean extroverts are unhappy, just their urge to talk is not always a sign of joy. Happiness does not depend on the personality type.
  • “Introverts are quiet and peaceful.” You know this phrase “Still waters run deep”, don’t you? So, introverts are calm until you know them better. They express their characters at a later stage.
  • “Extroverts are more confident.” In fact, they could be shy too. Or even freeze sometimes, because the expectations towards them to be an extremely sociable person are tough. Confidence comes from accepting yourself just the way you are. You might have boundaries for connecting, and you still possess the strength to express yourself loud and clear.
  • “Introverts don’t like people.” Some people may be unpleasant to you, and yet it doesn’t make you an introvert. Maybe a different type of communication is what empowers you. What is determining is not your character, but your concepts on life. 
  • “Extroverts are superficial.” Communication is their strength, but that does not make them enemies of deep thinking. On the contrary, they may notice the smallest details in different personalities in such a meaningful way that provokes them to strive to meet new people all the time. 

Who is a better manager – an extrovert or an introvert?

It is a delusion to believe that extroverts are better managers by all means. Both types of personalities could be extremely good leaders, or not at all. On the one hand, the ones who can interact with different people will probably get to the root of the issue more easily. And – on the other hand – don’t underestimate introverts, because they usually say only a few words, but the right ones.

Some occupations seem to be better suited for a particular type of personalities. For example, if you are an IT developer or an artist, it could be useful to easily get wrapped in your thoughts and source energy in your inner space. But it doesn’t mean you necessarily will be a poor developer if you are more sociable. In case you are a sales expert, it is your professional duty to approach a lot of people. So, the introverted role would not seem appropriate. But again, this does not mean that the combination of such character type and the job is impossible.

If you are an extrovert manager most chances are that you are good at chasing goals and creating strong team energy. In case you are an introvert, maybe your strength is to observe and assess the people around you. Important is to realize what kind of personality dominates in you. And try to take advantage of the strengths. At the same time, if there are features that do seem crucial for your professional duties, focus on uncovering and employing them at the right time. 

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