5 leadership books of 2021

Have you already bought one of the 2020 recommended business books? In addition to this, there are several new useful editions about leadership and starting a business on the bookshelves in 2021. Leading a team or being a CEO may sound like just giving tasks to anyone, or distributing responsibilities to others. However, management requires to keep an eye on the variety of people, to be aware of their professional approaches, their best strengths at work, as well as their personal fragile moments. Leadership is a matter of walking in partners’ shoes but also throwing a glance from another perspective.  

Check out these five books to take what’s useful for you:

  • “Leadership Strategy and Tactics” by Jocko Willink – The book explains how theoretical canons of leadership can be practised making management more effective. Regardless of your level, the pages will be valuable to you to understand the game of efficient leadership and the know-how to win it. The tactics that the author described will be your guide if you have just received a promotion and you still feel insecure.
  • “The Ant and the Elephant” by Vince Posecente – In five steps, the author reveals how to become a leader of yourself. Тo accomplish the goals you consciously strive to achieve you have to focus on the subconscious mind. The idea of the title is that adjusting your behavioral patterns to motivate others is similar to the attempts of an ant to convince an elephant to change its course of action. The story is a metaphor that will provoke the best you are capable of as a leader.
  • “The Bezos Letters” by Steve Anderson – These are 14 principles to grow your business like Amazon. Bezos, the richest man in the world since 2017, is a leader in e-commerce. The book reveals the reasons for his big success. In some of the letters, the concepts are apparent, but in others, they are hidden and not so obvious. They all raise the company to great heights.
  • The Business Model Navigator” – The author’s team emphasizes that even in your aim for new successes, you automatically rely on older business models. And they cannot lead to the desired results in the contemporary changed conditions. The navigator combines academic researches with their practical application. Here you will also find five new business models.
  • “Startup in BG – part 2” by Kaloyan Kirilov – This is the next book of the sequel in which the author presents the practice of launching startups in Bulgaria. In this second part, Kaloyan Kirilov tells the stories of 12 other Bulgarian projects. Some of them are thriving, others have managed to sell out successfully and third have discontinued their existence. Each experience will teach you a lot – this is the idea of the book. The author tells you that no one knows everything, but everyone knows something.

Knowing how to run a business successfully is a result of many mistakes you have made and learned from. Effective leadership is not a straight path. Sometimes you can step aside to take a closer look at the situation and assess the most useful next move.

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