Checklist for attractive creative writing

To fill the empty sheet with meaning is similar to attracting the attention of overwhelmed people with a speech. The advantage of magnificently writing is that it enthuses different characters and moods just the way you want to. 

In business, you usually work with individuals whose attention is divided in separate directions. To make your message outstanding, you must have the gift of gab, establish easy conversations, and be an orator even in writing. You can check these questions to figure out if your script manner is favourable:

What is your style? Remember you are writing for people. You can even pretend to be creating for one specific person. Think about the written words as a form of dialogue. If you choose to progress in a particular style, find and read articles in this genre. Your thinking will naturally adapt and flow into this model. Use it for your creative copying.

What is your purpose? Consider who will read it and what kind of audience you try to engage. How do you want your article to sound – formally or informally? Is your message an inspirational one? Or maybe it is just a piece of information? When you have answered these questions, follow the pattern, and it will lead you to achieve the goal.

Do you take advantage of the language diversity? Avoid tautology unless you aim to emphasize something. A person who is familiar with the language can give you five synonyms to the most widespread words. There is a variety of off- and online dictionaries that could help you use the whole range of phrases. 

Do you ask rhetorical questions? Using them is a stimulus to the reader. You throw them a hook and follow with the answer. In this way, you involve the reader in your text inviting them to think. The monologue is transformed into a conversation. 

Do you visualize? The reader has to imagine what your words describe if you want the text to be understood. Use phrases that would relate to people. Tell stories to visualize. Think of yourself as a screenwriter who creates a text for a film or play.

Did you get a second look? Give what you’ve written to your colleague, manager, or someone familiar with the topic. And why not to a person who is completely unfamiliar with the subject? Thus you’ll comprehend how easy it is to understand your article. And also get a spelling check.

Do you let your intuition lead? Of course, some people are good at writing, others – not that much. But even so, they could develop language techniques and evolve their creative writing. Sometimes it is better to allow your intuition to lead you. Let the hands deal with the pen or keyboard and write all alone.

Do you spice up your writing? Add interesting details, surprising strings, and metaphors. Do not use clichés if you want to stand out. Let your thoughts flow on the white sheet, allow your sensitivity to blend with the text.

Is your text comprehensive? Can you specify a light beginning and a natural finale? You can connect them as a question in the first paragraph, and a potential answer at the end. Or another topic to think about. All sentences should be united under the symbol of inner integrity.

Of course, if you have to use formal and business words, it is not okay to overdo the text with metaphors. No matter if senior management or the general public will be the readers, you should make your text vivid. Write casually but with words of wisdom. 

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